Do you want to be a social media sensation and turn it into a profitable business? Learn it from the expert and the best with at Brand YOUniversity with non-other than Jay Shetty LIVE in person on 8-9 September 2018 at Conrad Hotel Dubai.


Jay’s Video has over 1 Billion views

Jay has over 10 Million Followers on Social Media

Jay is listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 and named as game changed in the world of media.

Jay is honored to be named as the Only and No. 1 Public Figure in the top 20 Brands in Facebook

Jay Shetty was a former monk and now is an award winning host, story teller and viral content creator. He is one of the most viewed people on the internet internationally. He now works with the biggest brands in the world. He has been invited to keynote at leading companies including Google, L’Oreal, Facebook, Coca Cola, HSBC, EY, Microsoft and Accenture.

Here’s how attending the 2-Day Brand YOUniversity Could Set YOU on The Path To More Money Doing What You Love:


Brand To Jay will show you how to communicate your brand effectively and take your expertise, knowledge and personality to the world.


Content Mastery
Jay will teach you how to create truly viral and powerful content.


Distribution Power
Jay will show you how he has scaled his brand to a point where companies such as National Geographic, The Huffington Post, Facebook and Snapchat have all paid him to create series of video content for their platforms.


Platform Insights
You will learn everything about when to post, how often to post and where to post to reach your audience.

Monetization Strategies

Jay will how to build a brand on social media and attract clients which is the secret to building a successful online business and earn actively or passively.

  • I will share your video that has viral potential! (Worth $10k)
  • Brand Building Toolkit (Worth $10k)
  • Installments available
  • Buy1 Get 1 Free (Limited Offer)
  • Save AED 7995!

This is worth an investment. Build your brand and have a successful online business doing what you love. Save time and money! Jay will take you to the right direction how to become a social media influencer.

For more information please email or call +971 2 2035800

We hope to see you there.
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Najahi Team