The Bitcoin Visionary




April 20th & 21th 2018
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai


About Bitcoin Bootcamp:

  • Investment into Cryptocurrency-PoW-Mining, PoS Minning & Trading
  • Secret information about Altcoins & ICO`s
  • The Best crypto-debit cards
  • Setting Up secure passwords
  • Setting Up Wallet with exchange (registration and verification)
  • Setting Up desktop wallet (secure storage)
  • Buying, selling and transferring of Bitcoins
  • Recovery Key (and how to securely store it)
  • How to invest into the Crypto-Currency-Market
  • Important security info

Sebastian has traveled, lived and worked in over 55 countries during the last 20 years. Over this period of time he gave workshops and talks on personal development and about being Real and True in countless locations all over the world.

He also worked for hundreds of major global companies, such as BMW, Allianz, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and the international royal class. Through these encounters he met, listened and spoke to the most influential people in finance, banking and business from around the world, including the most important head of states from all over the globe. With this information he gained massive inside knowledge of the true state of our financial system and therefore bought his first Bitcoins in March 2013 at the price of 66.99 Euros. 

Since then he gave countless talks all over Europa and spoke to hundreds of people about Bitcoin, the Blockchain and Crypto Currencies its impact on the planet right now and the future. Sebastian calls Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology “ the third path “ that will disrupt disrupt the financial system and change the world entirely. He strongly believes that Bitcoin and its technology is going to touch, change and improve the life of every human being on this earth, especially in the developing world in an unimaginable positive way. Sebastian is a Bitcoin speaker, entrepreneur and Bitcoin coach

About Sebastian Huth

April 20th & 21th, 2018 - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai

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