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MAC ATTRAM: Business Accelerator Bootcamp

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Create Your Xtraordinary Life

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Forecasting Class

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Short Term Trading Strategies for
Fast Profits

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The National Achievers Congress 2016

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Bahrain, March 2017

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UK Property, Gold, Silver & Business – Advanced Training

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Internet Income Intensive

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Public Speakers University

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A two-day highly experiential learning bootcamp, where you will learn strategies to grow your sales 20% – 200%, improve your Business cash-flow, develop your leadership abilities and create systems for freedom.


The programme will also highlight how to build, develop and leverage your TEAM for Success, how to hire commission only sales to generate more sales and how to build your code of honour. You will be able create your 12-weeks action plan when attending this programme.

2 full days of training you on how to be fully equipped to invest anywhere in the world.


The programme will teach you the Warren Buffett Billion Dollar stick investing formula, when to buy and how to use valuation formulas.

This is an inspirational event filled with learning, fun, music and much more for families and friends. It is an evening that will take you on a journey to remember! From motivation, inspiration, life changing education to a fun, exciting and cool yet SMART atmosphere!

OUR young people, if nurtured properly, become great citizens of this country. The sole purpose of the seminar is to empower, enrich and counsel you in all matters of life.

Fun for all ages, attendees leave with these information, tools and strategies you will need to lead a positive life in school, work and family.

The SUCCESS SUMMIT aims to educate, equip, and empower you to set goals, achieve and create a sustainable income that allows you to rise to greater levels of personal fulfilment and success. It is a one-day event where strategies on how to succeed are assimilated into a constructive approach, that can help you invest strategically in your assets, manage your finances effectively, develop essential business and leadership skills, while creating and maintaining your wealth and staying fit mentally and physically.

After the overwhelming success of the National Achievers Congress Dubai 2016, many people received financial literacy, personal and business development coaching through Najahi. Where are these people now? What have they achieved? Today Najahi is providing you with a chance to learn more, to network with peers, witness what they have achieved, and to acquire knowledge, education and skills from the new coaches and programmes that we are bringing to you at this event.

The programme will teach you how to master the skills to attain peak performance, break through your fears and limiting beliefs and transform your body and the way you think. It will also introduce you to creating a plan for health, wealth and success, consistently achieving better long-lasting result, achieving sustained extraordinary energy levels and stopping procrastinating and taking massive actions.

A 2-day professional coaching programme teaching you step by step how to forecast exact price targets in any market to help you collect maximum profits with minimum risks. This is a unique programme taught by Sandy Jadeja, who has accurately forecasting price levels live on TV

Sandy Jadeja is the Chief Market Strategist for Master Trading Strategies a leading provider for Education in trading. He has been involved with financial markets for over 24 years and is a respected and widely recognized analyst and trainer.

Dubai - November Established in 1992, the National Achievers Congress is an event that brings together the world’s top experts in business, finances, health, and personal development to speak about their success stories to inspire and empower its participants. In Dubai, the renowned international congress and first in the Middle East, was held in Novmeber 2016 under the Patronage of HE Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan. The event brought together a line-up of outstanding global achievers and influencers; the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Andrew Matthews, Lady Michelle Mone, Ali Al Saloom and many more, to deliver an impactful and cutting edge conference agenda with Key topics such as leadership skills, communication skills, business strategies and financial education.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai – March & October 2016
Grand Slam tennis champ Serena Williams, Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins, President Bill Clinton and countless leaders from every walk of life have all turned to Tony Robbins to take their lives to the next level. This FREE workshop introduced participants to Anthony Robbin’s latest up-to-the-minute strategies to meet today’s challenges and transform lives. This Free workshop was taught by one of Tony Robbins' certified coaches.

Creating wealth through investing in real estate, gold and silver is what Kevin Green masters and wants you to do so as well. 

He will provide you with the business training you need to invest and thrive in the property and metals business, in addition to leveraging the current economic situation to your benefit.

Creating a wealth from online trading and e-commerce is Peng Joon’s expertise, and this is what you will learn when you attend this 2 day workshop. He will provide you with the right tools and thinking on how to create an on-line empire through a 3-step system that is not like any other.

Based on Andy’s widely popular Speakers Bootcamp, Public Speakers University attendees become master speakers by spending 3 days learning Andy’s prized speaking techniques and practice them in front of a live audience and get immediate feedback from Andy and his highly qualified team A.C.E coaches.